Our Mission Statement: We help agents simplify their business and professionally represent themselves by delivering creative products and personalized services, all while building relationships. 

Why Amplify pix?


Available technology makes taking pictures of just about anything as simple as point and click. So why use Amplify Pix for my listings?


Depth & Clarity: Each interior photo we take is actually five different photos merged into one. This process takes a steady aim, sophisticated equipment, and software that renders the photos in a way that provides depth & clarity that isn’t possible using a single image.

Width without Distortion: We use special lenses that ensure maximum width without distortion. This makes any room appear “larger than life” allowing you to present the home at it’s best.

Proper Contrast & Color: The varying light conditions within the home create challenges that can only be solved by professional equipment and software.

Photo Editing: No matter how good a photo is, it can always be a little better. We level, straighten, adjust contrast, color, clarity and much more - to EVERY PHOTO we provide you with, ensuring Amplified results for you and your seller.

why Amplify tours?

We believe a picture IS worth a thousand words. When presented in our tour software, your home comes to life, showing the buyer the home at it’s very best. Video and doll house tours can be useful, but tend to display areas of the home that may not be advantageous to you or your seller, and can even cause security risks.

Take a look at our sample tours and decide if an Amplify Tour is the right fit.


Powerful Photos show the home at it’s best.

Walk the buyer through the home without showing “dead spots”.

More secure - show only the photos you want the public to see.

Faster load times and easier to navigate forward or back to scenes the buyer wants to review.

Looks great on all devices.

See our tour gallery here.

our history

I’m extremely excited about our new name which reflects our focus on providing services that Amplify your listings via exquisite photography, quality resources and fast turn-around time
— Barb Willbanks | President | Amplify Pix LLC

Our origins date all the way back to 2002 when we started Listing Enhancers which became Home Marketing Network and evolved into Real Estate Technology Connection, (RETC). Over the years, we’ve served thousands of Realtors, Brokers and Builders with a myriad of real estate services. Throughout it all we have always sought to provide best in class service focused on quality and fast turn-around times.

2018 was a year of transition which included the departure of 15 year partner, Kimi Coulson, who received a dream job offer from Minnesota True Lacrosse. She’s enjoying the administrative challenges that come with running a successful lacrosse program that has over 30 teams serving over 500 kids ages 9 to 18. Better yet, she gets to travel with her sons as they both play on these elite teams. We wish Kimi the best, and are thankful she is still able to pitch in around here when needed!

We also made the decision late in 2018 that we needed to migrate away from the one-stop shop, we can do it all mentality and focus ourselves on what we do best, LISTING SERVICES. Over the years, Barb has become one of the more sought-after real estate photographers in the metro area. Her keen eye for getting the right shots, at the right angles sets her apart from the crowd. Throughout 2018, Barb worked hard to upgrade equipment and software while honing her skills within each of the best available tools in the marketplace. The result is evident in the photos she produces for her customers. Not convinced? Take a look at our gallery for a sample of her work.

Our new focus results in comprehensive listing services that ensure your listings are marketed at their very best… we like to call it “AMPLIFIED MARKETING” for you and your customers.

Experience Amplify Pix with your next listing and relax, it’s done!